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MARCH 25-26, 2017


Alala, Matthew R. (Associate Member)  Insurance Agent for Builders Mutual Insurance Worker's Comp & Liability Insurance  ACF Insurance Services, 1545 Hwy 70 West, Garner, NC  27529    919-661-1100

Anderson Jr., Allen E.  (Associate Member)  Inspections Department for City of Goldsboro  City of Goldsboro, PO. Box A, Goldsboro, NC  27533

Anthony, Robin  (Associate Member)  Concrete Contractor

Good Ole Boys Concrete Construction  372 CB Keen Road, Mt Olive, NC  28365   919-689-3506

Baker, Rodney  (Builder Member)  Employee of Construction Company  2919 Breezewood Avenue, Suite 400, Fayetteville, NC  28303   910-486-4864

Barnes, Tim  (Associate Member)  Electrician  Nationwide Electrical Services, 708 N. William Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-920-4212

Bartlett, Jane E.  (Associate Member-Realtor)  Real Estate Sales - Residential & Commercial  RE/MAX Complete  2711 Cashwell Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-921-1860

Barwick, Sharon  (Associate Member)  Pearson Pump Sales & Service  PO Box 1254, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-734-4267

Best, Sherman  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  S.E.B. Construction Co., Inc., 1501 A Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-735-7017 

Blair, Robert D. (Associate Member)   Insulation / Siding Contractor   Affordable Energy Solutions, 2711 Cashwell Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534   919-778-3337

Bland, Brian  (Affiliate Member)  Employee of Goldsboro Builders Supply  Goldsboro Builders Supply, 701 Patetown Road, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-734-4074

Bledsoe, Gary  (Associate Member)  AEC Designworks, Inc. 

3700 Bastion Lane, STE 103, Raleigh, NC  2760... 919-866-2492

Brigham, James T.  (Associate Member)  Employee of Lowe's of Goldsboro   Lowe's of Goldsboro, 1202 N. Berkeley Blvd., Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-9969

Brimberry, Michael M.  (Associate Member)  Paint Contractor   Brimberry Custom Painting  919-689-3215

Britt, Jason L.  (Associate Member)  JL Britt Electric, INC.  590 Edwards Store Road, Mt. Olive, NC  28365  919-689-2686

Brock Jr., Billy Dan  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Brock Construction, Inc., 101 McKayla Lane, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-921-0081

Casas, Carlos  (Associate Member)  Heating & A/C

Custom & Master Plumbing, Inc., 2 Griffin Drive, Wendell, NC  27591  919-796-9423

Casey Jr., Roger P.  (Associate Member)  Plumbing Contractor  Keen Plumbing Company, PO Box 1796, Goldsboro, NC  27533   919-735-1179

Casey, Ralph  (Associate Member)  Woodworking

Casey's Woodworks, 346 Casey Dairy Road, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-2047

Colbert, Lori  (Associate Member)  Carpenter

LA Construction, PO Box 5526, Cary, NC  27512  919-454-8915

Cole, Marc S.  (Associate Member)  Flooring

Floor Changer, Inc., 405 Kingsport Road, Holly Springs, NC  27540  919-291-6852

Croker, Blain  (Builder Member)  Croker Enterprises, LLC, PO Box 11360, Goldsboro, NC  27532  919-920-0025


Cunningham, Allen (Associate Member) Heating and Cooling
Cunningham Heating & Cooling, 196 Church of God Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534 919735-1735

Curry, William  (Builder Member)  KO Construction, LLC

​3101 Skycrest Drive, Raleigh, NC  27604   919-696-9642

Dail, Dusty (Associate Member)  Heating & A/C

DD Plumbing, Inc., 9680-138 Fall of Neuse Road #385, Raleigh, NC  27615  919-669-6905

Davis, Brent    (Associate Member)  Electrical Contractor

Brent D. Davis Electric Service, 401 Crow's Foot Road, Mount Olive, NC  28365

Davis, Ronnie​  (Associate Member)  Eastern Aluminum Supply

PO Box 11540, Goldsboro, NC  2753... 919-751-1440 ​

Deans, Timothy  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Deans Construction Co., Inc., 240 Vinson Road, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-2597

Deharo, Mario  (Associate Member)  Carpenter

Victoria Construction, Inc., 3911 Oakview Street, Durham, NC  27703  919-795-5514

Diaz, Jesus  (Associate Member)  Electrical

Milagro Company, 3038 Tavistock Drive, Durham, NC  27712  919-225-5608

Dubberly, Mary  (Associate Member)  Heating & A/C

Tri-City Mechanical, Inc., PO Box 951, Fremont, NC  27830  919-242-8484

Eason, Brian   (Associate Member)  Heating & A/C   Comfort Magic, LLC  919-333-1727

Edgerton, Bill   (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Edgerton Home Builders, 118 Windyfield Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-920-8541

Edwards, James Ira  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  J. Edwards Construction Co., Inc., 696 N Spence Ave-Suite A, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-922-1629

Ellis, David H.  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Haven Properties, 103 River Haven Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-735-1091

Everette, Cecil S.  (Associate Member)  Carpenter

Everette Exteriors, 388 Corbett Town Road, Snow Hill, NC  28580   919-738-0059

Farmer, Jimmie L.  (Builder Member)  Other  First Choice Energy & Home   1014 S. Andrews Avenue, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-734-0831

Fesler, Carrie K.  (Associate Member)  Mortgage   507 N. Spence Avenue, Goldsboro, NC  27534   919-751-0033

Fleming, Don  (Associate Member)  Glass   901 Hwy 117 South, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919736-4505

Francis, Gilbert  (Associate Member) 

Marine, Lee & Associates, INC.  109 Bradshire CT, Cary, NC  27513   919-219-6703

Gentry, M.B.  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  M.B. Gentry, Inc., PO Box 1036, Goldsboro, NC  27533   919-734-6724

Godwin, Billy  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Godwin Construction Co., PO Box 1001, Mount Olive, NC  28365  919-658-1234

Godwin, Jamie  (Employee of Member)  Employee of H & H Construction  H & H Homes, 2919 Breezewind Ave. Suite 400, Fayetteville, NC  28303  910-486-4864

Godwin, Janie W.  (Associate Member)  Lighting  University Lights, 225 W. Walnut Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-735-1191

Govan, Robert  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Robert Govan Construction, 108 Walden Woods Drive, La Grange, NC  28551  919-751-2668

Grady, Alan  (Employee of Member)  Employee of University Lights  University Lights, 1307 Progressive C, Princeton, NC  27569  919-735-1191

Grady, James T.  (Associate Member)  Masonry
James Grady Masonry, 265 Ruskin Road, Dudley, NC  28333   919-735-9572

Grant, Phillip  (Builder Member)  Commercial Builder

Coastal Construction,  PO Box 11359, Goldsboro, NC  27532  919-778-0810

Gurley, Mike  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Mike Gurley, Inc., 144 Vinson Road, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-920-2117

Hardison, Chuck  (Associate Member)  Wood Termite & Pest Control, Inc.   1336 N. Brightleaf Blvd. Smithfield, NC  27577  919-934-7961

Heidenreich, Jim  (Builder Member)  Commercial Builder  Heiden & Associates, LLC, 107 Poplar Ridge Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534

Henderson, John L.  (Associate Member)  Insurance  Crawford-Henderson, Inc., PO Box 10885, Goldsboro, NC  27532   919-778-9400

Hernandez, Jose  (Associate Member)  Vinyl Siding Contractor
Hernandez Vinyl Siding, 7905 N. Oklahoma Drive, Raleigh, NC  27616  919-625-6113

Hernandez, Jose Luis  (Associate Member)  Carpenter/Sub Contractor
Hernandez Boxing & Siding, LLC, 7 Kersey Court, Durham, NC  27713   919-572-5598

Hill, Mike  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
J & A Builders  919-778-7116

Hine, Neil  (Associate Member)  Construction Site Work  Hine Sitework, Inc., PO Box 1275, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-736-8990

Hinnant, Robert  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Robert Hinnant Construction, 204 Plantation Road, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-735-9903

Hodgin, Calvin H.
  (Associate Member)  Realtor
Landmark Realty, 2522 East Ash Street, Goldsboro, NC  27534   919-731-2611

Hoke, Leonard  (Associate Member)  Cabinet Contractor
Hoke's Cabinetry, Inc., 162 Scott Street, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-6290

Hood, James   (Associate Member)  Communications
Advanced Communications Services, 151 Hood Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-689-2272

Horne, Troy C.  (Associate Member)  Troybuilt Custom Homes  1408 Hood Swamp Road, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-738-0491  

Howell, Bonnie Parks  (Associate Member)  Portable Toilets
Parks Portable Toilets, Inc., PO Box 1611, Goldsboro, NC  27533   919-735-9402

Johnson, Greg  (Associate Member)  Flooring   Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home, 214 N. Spence Ave., Goldsboro, NC  27534   919-759-0033

Jones, Ken  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor   Ken Jones Construction , 301 Ashworth Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-778-6263

Jones, Robert E. 
(Associate Member)  The Works
1307 Iynwood Road, Knightdale, NC  27545   919-539-0899

Kennedy, Chuck  (Associate Member)  Vacuum Systems   The Vacuum Shop, 705 Hwy 70 Bypass, Goldsboro, NC  27534   919-736-1464

Kierski, David  (Associate Member)  Carpenter  Kierski & Sons, 107 Kelly Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-581-8010

Kornegay, Bob  (Associate Member)  Utilities  Tri-County EMC, PO Box 130, Dudley, NC  28333  919-735-2611

Kornegay, David  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Kornegay Construction, Inc.  PO Box 97, Mt. Olive, NC  28365  919-658-8611

Kornegay, Douglas  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Douglas E. Kornegay , 503 N. Breazeale Ave., Mt. Olive, NC  28365  919-738-5451

Lancaster, Glenn C.  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Lancaster Builders, Inc., 4031 NC 222 East, Stantonsburg, NC  27883  919-242-8811

Lancaster, Rod  (Associate Member)  Garris Evans Lumber Co.  714 S. Lodge Street, Wilson, NC  27894   252-717-1040

Langston, Winford  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Langston Construction, 3452 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-734-1510

Lee, Kristie  (Associate Member)  Heating & Air  Lee Technologies, Inc., PO Box 1257, Benson, NC  27504  919-894-4910

Lewis, John D. Jr  (Associate Member)  Insurance  O'Berry & Lewis, Inc., PO Box 127, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-735-1237

Lopez Ramirez, Juan C  (Associate Member)  Carpenter
Lopez Ramirez Framing, 1142 Palm Island CI, Raleigh, NC  27503   919-723-0007

Malpass, Bruce  (Associate Member)  Heating & Air
Quality Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc., 1013 N William Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-735-4981

Malpass, James B. 
(Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Malpass Builders, Inc., 2201 Salem Church Road, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-735-3764

Marquez, Juan J.  (Associate Member) 
Marquez, Juan Jacobe Belly, 265 Seagrams Court, Raleigh, NC  27610  919-390-9402

Martin, Rick  (Associate Member)  Product Supplier  Goldsboro Builders Supply Co., Inc., PO Drawer E, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-734-4074

Mateos, Octavio  (Associate Member)  Paint Contractor
Octavio Mateos Painting, 4721 Old Poole Road, Raleigh, NC  27610   919-868-5646

Maxwell, Neil  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Maxwell Builders, 340 Dollard Town Road, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-4406

McDonald, Sheri A.  (Affiliate Member)   Stone Construction,  507-A N. Spence Ave, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-735-0586

Mitchell, J. Cameron
  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Cameron Construction & Development, 993 Vail Road - NW, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-242-1226

Moore, Deborrah G.  (Associate Member)  Product Supplier - Flooring & Installation  Tarheel Wholesale Distributors, Inc., 413 N. George Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-734-3885

Moore, Gwen N.  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  GMC of Goldsboro, LLC, 200 Gator Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-920-1741 

Mooring, Michael K.  (Associate Member)  Drywall Contractor
MKM Drywall Construction, 3045 NC 222 East, Fremont, NC  27830  252-236-1144

Munger, Teresa
  (Associate Member)  Insurance Agent  BB&T-Underwood-Dawson Insurance, PO Box 10069, Goldsboro, NC  27532  919-734-2368

Oakley, Jamie  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Oakley Builders, 4449 Galway, Winterville, NC  28590  252-215-5210

Ortiz, Cesar  (Associate Member)  Carpenter
Cardinal Tile, 7634 Rachels Place, Lucama, NC  27851   919-422-7946

Ortiz, Elizabeth  (Associate Member)  Flooring
E & C Flooring, 8711 Shaw Road, Kenly, NC  27542  252-373-0187

Otellio -Ranier, Suzy  (Associate Member)   Mortgage Banker  Movement Mortgage, 680 N. Spence Ave., Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-759-5900

Park, Jung Sung  (Associate Member ) Vinyl Siding  JP&M Enterprise, INC. DBA Ace Vinyl Siding  919-398-0006

Parker, Richard  (Associate Member)  Insulation Sub-Contractor  Parker Brothers, Inc., PO Box 1045, Clinton, NC  28328  910-564-4132

Pate III, Jason T.  (Associate Member)  Electrician  Wayne Electric Co, Inc., 106 N. Carolina Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-735-1847

Pate, Mike  (Associate Member)  Insurance Services  Wayne Realty & Insurance, PO Box 248, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-735-1341

Pawvluk, Mark R.  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Waynesboro Builders  106 Delbert Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-440-6851

Pender, Gary
  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Gary Pender Construction, 866 Perkins Road, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-734-0793

Pierce, Jeffrey 
(Associate Member)  Concrete Contractor
Jeff's Concrete Co., 243 Mill Road, Princeton, NC  27569  919-689-3700

Pierce, Johnny  (Associate Member)  Concrete Contractor
Pierce Concrete Co., 524 Capps Bridge Road, Princeton, NC  27569  919-736-4823

Polkinghorne III, Stephen R.
  (Associate Member)  Carpenter  Team Service, Inc., 2055  Ackerman Road, Garner, NC  27529  919-427-7826 

Poole, Amanda  (Associate Member)  Vinyl Siding
Distinctive Exteriors, Inc., 2501 Skyline Drive, Garner, NC  27529  919-278-8161

Porter, Jesse Mark  (Associate Member)  Electrical  Southern Pride Electrical Service  370 Slapout Road, Mt. Olive, NC  28365  919-750-9436

Pullen, Terri  Builder Member) Licensed Contractor
Pullen Construction Co, LLC  919-255-4037

Rayo, Arturo Najera
  (Associate Member)  Carpenter
Rayo Carpentry, 274 Balance Rock Road, Kitrell, NC  27544  252-433-9379

Rodriquez, Aurelio  (Associate Member)  Carpenter  AJR Framing, LLC, 260 N Raleigh Farm Road, Youngsville, NC  27596

Salvidar, Jose Nicholas  (Associate Member)  Carpenter

J & S Construction, 1979 Dobbersville Road, Mt Olive, NC  28365  919-689-3971

Sanchez, Edayn D  (Associate Member)  Edayn De Leon Sanches   2904 Pervis Road, Durham, NC  27704   919-381-0158

Santos-Fijardo, Hermenegildo  (Associate Member)  Roofing
Santos-Fijardo, 3527 Holloway Street, Durham, NC  27703  919-730-4339

Sasser, Ron  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Sasser Home Builders, PO Box 130, Pikeville, NC  27863   919-738-2921

Sasser, Sammy E. (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Construction Managers, Inc., PO Box 1138, Fremont, NC  27830  919-373-4334

Sauls, Katherine  (Associate Member)  Mortgage Loans
Katherine,  Regions Bank, 106 Dobbs Place, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-440-3277

Selgado. Carlos Penaloza  (Associate Member)  Carpenter

Penaloza Framing, 1108 Cardinal Court, Clayton, NC  27520  919-796-1528

Smith, Jr., Russell E.  (Associate Member)  Masonry    Russell Smith Masonry
1939Memorial Church Road, Fremont, NC  27830  919-242-2387

Smith, Lyman  (Associate Member) Heating & Air Conditioning
Jackson & Sons Heating & A/C, 2330 Indian Springs, Dudley, NC  28333  919-658-5054

Spangler, Rick  (Associate Member)  Heating & Air Conditioning
Spangler Professional Plumbing, 90 Meadowmist Drive, Garner, NC  27529  919-524-8206

Speight, Jimmy  (Associate Member)  Masonry Contractor
Jimmy Speight Masonry, 248 Airport Road, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-735-4160

Spell, Lutrell  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Spell Construction,  2114 Nor Am Road, Fremont, NC  27830  919-242-8808

Spurgeon, Michael  (Associate Member)  Heating & Air/Conditioning
C & M Plumbing, Inc., 5427 US 117 Alternate, Mt Olive, NC  28365  919-658-6109

Stone, Bobby  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Stone Construction, 507 A N. Spence Avenue, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-1600

Stroud, Steve  (Members At Large)  Inspections Department  Wayne County Inspections, PO Box 227, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-731-1169

Sugg, J. R.  (Associate Member)  Paint Contractor
Dixie Paint, Inc., 326 Belfast Road, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-735-8924

Taylor, Kimberlee B.​  (Associate Member)  Carpentry
Total Trimworks, LLC.  5478 Mac Taylor Drive, Wade, NC  28395   910-977-6257 

Teachey, James Willie  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Teachey Construction, Inc., PO Box 190, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-242-6967

Teachey, Timothy Joel  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Tim Teachey Enterprises, PO Box 516, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-921-0568

Thomas, Jeff  (Associate Member)  Insurance Agent  Evans And Associates Insurance, PO Box 10309, Goldsboro, NC  27532  252-523-3137

Thorne, Michael D.  (Associate Member)  Paint Contractor
Thorne Painting, 275 Buck Newsone Road, Fremont, NC  27830  919-242-5523

Triplett, Brad  (Associate Member)  Carpenter
Extreme Builders, 310 Becton Circle, NC  27530  919-735-2545

Tyler, Phillip  (Associate Member)  Heating & A/C  Carolina Comfort Air, Inc., 5212 US Hwy 70 Business, Clayton, NC  27520  919-550-7711

Umstead, Chuck  (Associate Member)  Flooring
Premier Carpets, 2734 Graves Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-751-5400

Vanderpool, Bryan  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Vanderbuilt Homes, Inc.,  808 N Berkeley Blvd., Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-8001

Vinson, Ernest L.  (Associate Member)  Electrician  Vinson Electric, 101 Poplar Ridge Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-778-3145

Wadsworth, Kenneth  (Associate Member)  Electrician

Wadsworth Electric Company, 2011 US Hwy 117 Bupass, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-580-9900

Warren, Kent  (Employee of Member)  Jackson Builders, Inc.
Jackson Builders, Inc., PO Box 148, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-734-5428

Weatherspoon, Allen  (Associate Member)  Paint Contractor
Weatherspoon Company, 2904 Hayward Ct., Garner, NC  27529  919-291-9786

Westbrook, Gary  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Westbrook Builders, 608 Arrowpoint Drive, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-921-0546

Westbrook, Pat  (Associate Member)  Septic Tank Installe
Westbrook Backhoe Service, Inc., 708 Falling Creek Church Road, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-689-2973

Whichard, Mark  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Marquis Builders, LLC, 105 Kiowa Place, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-920-4515

Whitaker, Bernadine  (Associate Member)  Cleaning Service
Bernadine's Cleaning Service, 629 Salisbury Drive, Rocky Mount, NC  27801  252-977-7629

Whitehurst, Gil  (Employees of Members)  Ready Mixed Concrete Company  Ready Mixed Concrete Company, PO Box 2065, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-734-4886

Whiteside, John & Melissa
  (Associate Member)  Flooring
WD Flooring & Cleaning Service, PO Box 268, Pikeville, NC  27863  919-223-2224

Wiggins, John T.  (Associate Member)  Manufacturing  General Industries, Inc., PO Box 1279, Goldsboro, NC  27534  919-751-1791

Williams, Michelle  (Associate Member)  Steel Fabricator  Griffin Steel & Supply, LLC, PO Box 87, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-735-3284

Williams, Mrs. Alma  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Wallace Williams Construction, 177 Reidtown Road, Fremont, NC  27830  919-242-5049

Williams, Shawn  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor  Barnacle Construction, Inc., 708 N William Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-235-7312

Williams, Vernon  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Williams Home Center, 2209 A East Street, Goldsboro, NC  27530   919-735-7717

Wise, Laura  (Associate Member)  Mortgage Loans  Branch Bank & Trust Co., PO Box 1677, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-580-1815 

Wolfe, Joan  (Other Member)  Retail Garage Doors  Wolfe Investments, INC.  2305 US 70 West, Goldsboro, NC  27530  919-751-1645

Woodard, Brian  (Builder Member)  Licensed Contractor
Group W Construction, PO Box 10273, Goldsboro, NC  27532  919-736-0087

Yanez, Miguel Olivera  (Associate Member)  Carpenter
Macro Construction, 311 Blawk Hawk Road, Charlotte, NC  28213  704-245-8492

Zacharzuk, Ross 
(Associate Member)  Heating & A/C  Precision Plumbing, Inc., PO Box 216, Goldsboro, NC  27533  919-736-3773